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Net-Zero Housing By 2020?


Regulators in California want new homes to be so energy-efficient that they consume no energy at all by the year 2020.  The theory is that these new homes would be solar equipped and so energy-efficient that they would actually pump power back into the electricity grid.

Under the Global Warming Solutions Act, these net-zero homes would help move California closer to its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 by 2020.  Achieving this goal will require a combination of incentives and state mandates for the builders of these new net-zero homes.  State and local govemnments would provide subsidies for energy-efficient appliances, insulation and furnaces.

Besides being a necessity for the future, reducing energy costs creates tremendous value for homebuyers and with net-zero housing, a home with the correct energy-efficient standards would produce as much energy as it consumes.