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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

What if you were just minutes away from being able to sell your home? Many homeowners have difficulty selling their homes because they don’t have the inside information the pros have. Once you know the secrets, getting your home ready to sell is easier than ever. Ready to invest a few minutes that could change […]

3 Real Estate Trends of 2019 to Keep an Eye out For

Leading up to the 2008 recession, home sales dropped, bottoming out at just 4.12 million sales in 2008. But recent years have seen a steady rise, with more than 5 million homes sold this year. The growing number of sales has spurred changes in the real estate industry, including plenty of new real estate trends. From utilizing […]

Selling a Home? Here Are 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Around 5 million homes are sold each year, and from the outside, it looks effortless. If you’re selling your home or have sold a home a past, though, you know it isn’t. You hear lots of advice about what you should do, but it’s the same old words of wisdom. But, if you want to know the best way to […]