Explore The Culture & Magic of La Jolla

Explore The Culture & Magic of La Jolla

  • Linda Daniels
  • 07/31/19
La Jolla, California is one of the best places to live in the US.
The beaches, the food, the views, and of course, the weather are just some of the many reasons people love living here. But, did you know that La Jolla is home to some of the finest culture-centered attractions in all of San Diego County?
Discover a few of our favorite activities, below, that highlight the rich culture and history of La Jolla, California.

Explore the La Jolla Sea Caves

Being by the sea, La Jolla’s culture is intimately tied to the activities and life found in the waters.
Along the cliffs is a selection of beautiful caves that are home to much of the marine life in the area.
There are frequent tours that allow you to travel by kayak. You can easily paddle around while being ideally close to the water.

Snorkel with Sea Lions

La Jolla is famous for its friendly sea lions who bathe on the rocks and play in the water by the beach.
If you love marine life and want a chance to see more, there are options to snorkel at La Jolla Coves for everyone from beginner to intermediate explorers.

Explore While Cycling

There are a number of excellent biking tours in La Jolla that take you around the historic parts of the town and along the stunning stretch of the coast as well.
For those who can’t cycle far, there are plenty of electronic bikes and scooters available to make enjoying the area convenient and enjoyable.

Pay Respect to the Fallen

The Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial is an iconic location in La Jolla.
It not only offers an in-depth glimpse at the faces and lives of the veterans but also provides gorgeous, sweeping views of the area.

Discover the Public Murals

Local art flourishes in La Jolla, not only because of the support of locals but by the institutions too.
For example, La Jolla’s Athenaeum Music & Arts Library has created a walking tour, complete with a guide, who will show you all the murals in the area.
Best of all, it’s free!

Enjoy Art with Drinks

La Jolla is home to an annual Art and Wine Festival that happens every October.
There is a wine and beer garden with an extensive collection, live music, art activities for kids, and a whole selection of incredible pieces of artwork to enjoy.

See Fashion at Its Finest

For those who love staying on trend, you’ll love to hear that every year in July, La Jolla hosts an international fashion film festival.
With top industry names in attendance, hundreds of fashion filmmakers from all over the world showcase their very best. Expect some gorgeous designs, emotional films, and an award ceremony that crowns the very best.

See La Jolla’s Charm for Yourself

La Jolla’s attractions are a perfect mix of beautiful nature and vibrant city life.
Be sure to check out our other information about the area’s cultural attractions or take a look at the fantastic properties we have available if you’re interested in making the move of a lifetime!

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