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Green Living In A Condo


For those who live in urban areas and own a condo, there usually isn’t a need for a car.  You can bike or walk to work which saves on gas and cuts down on pollution.  But there are several additional steps you can take at home to make your impact on the environment even less (and save money too!).

Energy-efficient appliances are a great way to save money every month.  Not only do they use less electricity, but also you may be eligible for tax credits if you purchase these appliances.  They might cost a bit more up front but will definitely save you money in the long run and be much more energy efficient.

Keeping a steady temperature inside your condo will decrease the amount of energy you use.  Another tip is to dress for the temperature.  If it’s warm outside, consider wearing light clothing and shorts during the summer months.  When the temperature drops outside, throw on a sweater or reach for a blanket instead of reaching for the thermostat.

Using natural, chemical-free cleaners for your condo is also a good way to be environmentally friendly.  Household cleaning products that are free of toxins and harsh chemicals are not only good for the environment, but healthy for your body as well.

Reducing your water usage is also a great way to be more green.  Think about all the water that’s wasted while showering, brushing our teeth or washing those dishes.  Just taking a little shorter shower or turning the water off while those teeth are being brushed will help save a good amount of water.

Making these adjustments will no doubt help you to green your condo and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.