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Green Gardening Trends For 2011

A greener, more productive garden is taking root this year.  Homeowners are growing more vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and are transforming their yards and gardens into green and productive spaces.  Here are a few green gardening trends:

  1. Organic and sustainable soils: Healthy plants start with healthy soil. Using eco-friendly soil ensures your plants and earth will be happy!
  2. Substitute big areas of lawn with more low-maintenance plants.  These plants also attract wildlife and benefits butterflies, bees and birds.
  3. Another trend is succulents. Planting these green, water-storing plants is another big trend for this year.  They are chic, easy to grow and drought-tolerant.

Planting for a greener good is something we can all follow.  It’s a great feeling to know you are doing something good for yourself and your family, as well as the earth.