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DIY Projects You Can Tackle To Boost Your Home’s Value


Kitchen and bathroom renovations guarantee added value to your home. But these projects can cost thousands of dollars.

Many homeowners think that they need to invest a lot of money to boost house value. But, increasing your home’s value doesn’t actually have to be expensive.

There are plenty of DIY projects you can tackle yourself. And, small upgrades add more value than you think!

Summer is a great time to get started on home improvement projects. Keep reading for our list of the top 5 DIY projects to increase home value.

Update Your Walls

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Gaudy wallpaper or an unfashionable color hurt your home’s overall appearance — and resale value.

Over the years walls become scuffed or marked. Update dingy or stained walls with a fresh coat of color.


If you are improving your home for resale, opt for a neutral color palette. Neutral colors make rooms appear more spacious. And they appeal to a wider audience of buyers.

Install Overhead Fans

You may be wondering: do overhead fans increase house value? Absolutely!

Overhead fans are a great selling point for potential buyers. And they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. You can buy a simple overhead fan for as little as $50 and install it the same day. With little effort, you can increase the energy efficiency and value of your home in no time.

Ceiling fans are a major pull for buyers because they decrease air conditioning costs. And potential buyers love energy-efficient upgrades!

Invest in Layered Lighting

Lighting has a powerful effect on mood and productivity. Improving your home’s lighting can transform your space and add value to your home. Potential buyers love to see a home that is spacious and well-lit.

Consider creating layered lighting in your living spaces.

Layered lighting means that you have different light fixtures for different purposes in each room. These fixtures all work together to create an adjustable atmosphere.

Layering light creates contrast and excitement in your room. It also can highlight the best features in your space!


Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

Is your kitchen looking a little dated? You may want to update the cabinet hardware instead of remodeling the entire room.

Upgrading the hardware on your kitchen cabinets transforms your space for a small cost. This simple change can add real character to your kitchen and breathe life into stale cabinetry.

Be creative: there are no limits on the options available! Consider different colors, finishes, and metal accents when redesigning your cabinets to make your kitchen really pop.

Change Your Blinds

Another way to boost your home value is to update your blinds!

Window treatments improve privacy and reduce heating and cooling costs. And upgraded window treatments improve your home’s curb appeal to potential buyers.


Many homeowners chose to invest in custom blinds. But, you can achieve a stunning look for less with do-it-yourself blinds.

Hardware stores offer free in-home consultations for window treatments. And you can have your selections delivered in a matter of days to your home.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Small DIY projects increase the value of your home. And you can do them on almost any budget.

The National Association of Realtors says that 2018 is a great time to sell. Start with these DIY upgrades and boost house value before you list!

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