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Can Paint Improve Your Mood?


Want to feel calmer? Paint your bedroom pale blue. If you want to feel energized, choose apricots, cinnamon and tangerine hues.  This according to The Paint Quality Institute.  They say repainting is a great way to not only enhance the appearance of your home, but certain colors can actually have a positive psychological effect.

We all know that new paint alone, no matter what the color, makes the room feel fresh and new in your home.  It also can remove stale, musty odor in older or outdated homes.  But before you slather on that paint, consider the color.  A yellow room can make you feel like you are looking at the sunshine and can lift your spirits.  Reds and burgundies are associated with sensuality and passion.  Using taupes and browns creates a more tranquil, cozy environment and are best for bedrooms or family rooms.

Also something that will lift your spirits: the $100-$200 per room price tag!  This easy do-it-yourself home improvement might be just what you are looking for to put a smile on your face.