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Best Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Tiny Home

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Tiny homes are popping up all across the country. Many people are buying these smaller homes because they want to be able to save money, while others are doing it because they simply want to learn to live with less or even reduce their carbon footprint.

No matter why you want to buy a tiny home, there are a few questions you might want to ask before purchasing one.

Are There Any Items You Cannot Part With?
Some people would gladly sell all of their stuff and move into a tiny home. But, if you’re one of those people that enjoy a large kitchen, or maybe you have a baby grand piano from your Great Great Grandmother that you could never see selling; a tiny home may not be for you! Remember, these houses are literally 4 walls and tend to be about 500 square feet or less.

Will There Be Size Restrictions For Homes?
Believe it or not, even when it comes to a tiny home, there are laws that deal with size restrictions. These laws tend to get more lax the further out you are because more space is available. In a city, for example, laws are more strict — you’ll need to either formally rent or buy a piece of land for a spot to park your home. For the country where there’s sufficient space, you will have more options and an easier time finding a place to build or park your home.

Am I Going to Save Money?
In the US, 50% of a person’s take-home income goes to their housing — rent, leasing, mortgage, etc. That 50% also includes things like upkeep, utilities, gas and maintenance. This is a huge chunk of money missing from your check each and every month. When you own a tiny house, however, you don’t have to worry about things like a large mortgage payment or even living beyond your means. They’re far more affordable than traditional home scenarios.

Can I Reduce My Carbon Footprint?
When you own and live in a normal sized home, it’s easy to produce high amounts of energy waste. When you live in a tiny house, this issue is reduced with smaller, more efficient appliances and fixtures, as well as decreased utility usage. Downsizes throughout a home can significantly reduce your own carbon footprint, which for a lot of people is what buying a tiny home is all about.

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