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Water Heater Energy Efficiency

water heaterEnergy efficiency is vital in this day and age. Efficiency is of the utmost importance especially when it comes taking care and managing our homes.  Homeowners know that using less resources at a more efficient rate is not only smart because it cuts down on monthly utility bills and saves money but also because it is the responsible action to take. One of the most costly appliances in your home is the water heater.  Heating water is incredibly energy-intensive.  Below are a few tips to help cut down on the cost of your water heater bills and make it more energy efficient:

1) If your water heater is electric, consider adding a heater blanket.  This helps insulate the water heater and cuts down on energy costs.  The blankets are cheap and can pay for themselves rather quickly.  Make sure to check the lagging around pipes that are exposed and replace if needed. This will help make the heater more energy efficient.

2) Get your family involved.  Talk to them about cutting down on costs and get them to agree to all take shorter showers.  A helpful tip is to buy a waterproof digital timer to put in the shower.  This will help let you know how long you’ve been in shower while being energy efficient.

3)  If it seems like its time to replace your water heater, consider switching to a gas heater.  Even better would be a solar hot water system or heat pump.  Solar heaters these days are extremely energy efficient and work great in the winter time because most of them have gas or electric heating as a backup (in case of long-term bad weather). Solar heaters are also very affordable now because of all the renewable energy rebates and are comparable in price to mainstream heaters.