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Touring Homes? Here’s What to Look For.


House hunting can be a difficult task as most of the homes you will come across won’t have or be what you’re looking for. Real estate moves fast which means you may not have a lot of time to close on a house but this shouldn’t make you rush to commit on a house and feel like it’s a mistake.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house, you need to look at how the location and appearance of the house can influence the pricing of the house. There are things you should consider before making an offer  —

Things like décor, furnishings, paint colors and personal items should be ignored as they are things that can be changed easily and within a reasonable price range. You should pay attention to what really matters like layout, space, and style. A home should have all the rooms your family needs and a layout that works well for your family. How the house looks and makes you feel can influence your decision as long as you’re not swayed by décor and appearance.

The three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. If the house you’re looking to buy is not in the right neighborhood or community, maybe it’s in the wrong school district….you can rule out the property before visiting it.

You should also look at surrounding homes, road systems, accessibility, and proximity to your workplace, noise, along with notating peak traffic times.

Home Inspection and Repairs
Checking the house to ensure it is in good condition is a very good way of avoiding an expensive surprise. You should make in-depth inquiries about termite treatment, the condition of the furnace and air conditioners, electrical and plumbing systems, the presence of lead-based paint including foundation and roof inspection. This issues may not be the first thing people ask for while house hunting.

Buying a home that is in need of major repairs like a new roof, new plumbing, and cracked foundation might not be a good move financially. If the price of the house is right and you have the money to make repairs, then it won’t break your bank.

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