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Tips For Finding a Real Estate Agent

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made the exciting decision to buy or sell your home, you’re embarking on a life-changing journey.


And what better way to enjoy this milestone than with an experienced real estate agent by your side? Finding a real estate agent that’s a good fit is one of the soundest investments in your future you’ll make.

Read on for five helpful tips to navigate the process and get you on the path to your dream home.

Referrals Remove the Guesswork

The first place most people search for a Realtor® is in their own personal network. And it makes sense. Referrals are ideal because you get firsthand information from someone you trust.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 42 percent of buyers hired a Realtor® who was a referral. Whether it was a friend, a family member, or a neighbor, having a connection to a great agent was a top preference.

Word of mouth can go a mighty long way.

Interview Several Realtors®

Unless you’re locked into a deadline, it’s important to take your time. You’re going to be working with this agent for as long it takes to sell, buy, or rent your home, so treat it like a job interview.

Remember, you are the one hiring them. Don’t cave to forceful sales tactics or guilt-inducing demands.

To see what is out there, most experts recommend interviewing between three to five Realtors®. Although most rank experience at the top, personality is also equally important.

You need to like them. A lot.

Finding a Real Estate Agent with Experience is Key

You wouldn’t trust a plumber to repair your car. So why would you hire someone to do a job without credentials? Don’t compromise your professional requirements because they are a family friend or neighbor.

Do your homework. Make sure the agent you hire has the appropriate licenses and certifications. Whether you are buying a second home or purchasing a lot for commercial development, don’t be afraid to ask for credentials.

Communication is Everything

Finding a real estate agent with excellent communication style is key. No matter if it’s texting, emailing, or talking by telephone, as long as you’re both on the same page, it will be successful.

If you find yourself in a bidding war or need extra help understanding the pre-approval process, you need to feel comfortable talking with them.

The right agent will be able to answer your questions in a communicative style that meets your own personal needs.

Always Read the Reviews!

The answers you seek are closer than you think.

According to a recent consumer survey, 97 percent of people said they begin their search for a reputable local business online.

And if a business has positive reviews? An overwhelming 73 percent are more inclined to trust them. Reviews really do matter. Consumers read about seven of them before making a hiring decision.

Before you hire your perfect match, remember that finding a real estate agent doesn’t have to be such a difficult process. Now that you’ve got these five helpful tips, we bet you’ll be one step closer to finding a real estate agent for your needs.

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