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The Secrets of La Jolla…

Just when you think you know everything about this sunny California town.

La Jolla, or “The Jewel” is a bodacious and beautiful city in the San Diego County. What you already know about La Jolla is that it has beautiful beaches, excellent shopping, sea lions galore and fabulous weather. What you don’t know is that the Munchkins have a row of houses they all built together, the “Bridge Club” is one of the best places to get married and Marilyn Monroe once stayed at “the Little Hotel by the Sea”.

Munchkins? In La Jolla? I suppose your going to say that there is a yellow brick road in Pacific Beach next. What they refer to it as “Midgetville” in Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets tells us about the legend that after the Wizard of Oz was created, a group of cast members that played the Munchkins got together and built houses scaled down to Little People sizes, off of Mt. Soledad Rd. Although many have believed to see these “midget houses” it is also rumored that architect, Cliff May designed these houses on the side of a hill, only giving the houses an illusion that they were constructed for small stature people. Although, it does sound a lot cooler and more fun when you say that Munchkins have houses in La Jolla.


Anyone for a hand of Bridge? When you think of Bridge you probably think old stuffy retirement home, right? Not at this Bridge Club. What makes this such a unique place to get married is that it is unexpected by most and picture perfect for all.  Located right on the ocean and landscaped beautifully this makes for the perfect ceremony and reception. No more driving 30 minutes to the reception after they say “I do”.  Mostly only known by locals, this makes a great “secret” of La Jolla.

What is now called the Grande Colonial Hotel, it was once called “the Little Hotel by the Sea”. Built in 1913 it started out as a small hotel turned ice cream parlor and pharmacy. After many renovations and years past, it is now an elegant hotel and top restaurant in La Jolla. Famed to have stayed there is Marilyn Monroe and Gregory Peck. Although it has not always been a sought off place to stay, it has developed a reputation for being classically historic and now, fabulous and delicious.

Not only is La Jolla beautiful and secretive, but it is also full of history and fun. Spread the word and go discover your own secrets of La Jolla!