Real Estate Market Update January 2013

Learn about how the national housing market is recovering! Below is an article and a video about the real estate market update for January 2013 provided by Keller Williams Realty Research. See the current mortgage interest rates, home sales, home price and housing inventory.

Will Home Sellers Have To Pay A 3.8% Sales Tax On Their Home Because Of The Health Care Bill??

There has been the recurrence of the question: Is there a 3.8% House Sales Tax included in the Health Care Bill? Here is some clarification on the matter. According to, the answer is not in black and white, and everyone should consult an expert accountant for the most accurate and timely news regarding tax […]

Government Fees Passing Off Onto Home Buyers

Dean Hartman, the Regional Vice President of Benchmark Lending, who also has over 20 years of experience with the mortgage banking industry has reminded us about some changes that were recently made at Capitol Hill that pertain to the real estate industry, and we would like to forward the message along. The President and Congress passed […]

Survey Shows Home-Ownership is Preferred By Americans

2011’s third quarter National Housing Survey asks Americans how they feel about housing and here are some statistics that show they prefer home-ownership: 96% of all homeowners believe that home-ownership is results in an overall more positive experience, including many of homeowners who are struggling. 70% of renters voted that home-ownership is better than renting. 63% of renters wish to become a […]

What Is Everyone’s Role In The Home-Buying Market?

What is the purpose having so many people involved in buying a home? See why each role is essential for us to buy a home: Loan Officer: A loan officer will help you analyze all of your income, assets and credit in order to guide your budget with the best economical strategy while also considering the […]

Should Young Families Buy A Home in 2012?

The majority of young adults from 25 – 35 live with their parents today and are being advised by their parents to  buy their own home. Some parents want their children to take advantage of the low rates and to start building their long-term investments. Below are the top 4 reasons why they would want […]

Ken H. Johnson & Beracha: Rent vs. Own Model

Dr. Ken H. Johnson on Homeowner’s Wealth

Dr. Johnson is a well-known scholar (Florida International University) with numerous publications in real estate brokerage, transactional real estate, and real estate investment as well as the editor to the “Journal of Housing Research”. Today we will show his Buy vs. Rent graph on how much rent is actually preferred to over buying. The red line […]

Advice from Chris Thornberg & John R. Talbott: It’s Time To Buy A Home!

Two economic experts, John R. Talbott and Chris Thornberg, have been giving us the go ahead to buy a home in 2012. We mentioned John R. Talbott in a previous blog post, John R. Talbott’s Prediction: “Now is the time to buy!” and now Chris Thornberg is rooting along for home buyers. In Jeff Collins’ recent […]

Advice from Warren Buffet: Invest In The Best Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Today we would like to mention Warren Buffet and his advice on investing in a home. In the Omaha World Herald, Steve Jordan wrote about one woman who is from Arizon and in her mid 30’s who has received and acted on Buffet’s advice. The woman said that she was thinking it was a good […]

Real Estate in 2012: Experts Are Optimistic

This year, many experts believe that the real estate market will improve.  Here are some examples of what the experts have to say: Andrew Scoggin states that economists at Fannie Mae predict a 3.5% increase in home sales for 2012 in his article. In Julie Schmit’s USA Today article, David Crowe (cheif economist at the National […]

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