Will Home Sellers Have To Pay A 3.8% Sales Tax On Their Home Because Of The Health Care Bill??

There has been the recurrence of the question: Is there a 3.8% House Sales Tax included in the Health Care Bill? Here is some clarification on the matter. According to FastCheck.org, the answer is not in black and white, and everyone should consult an expert accountant for the most accurate and timely news regarding tax […]

Survey Shows Home-Ownership is Preferred By Americans

2011’s third quarter National Housing Survey asks Americans how they feel about housing and here are some statistics that show they prefer home-ownership: 96% of all homeowners believe that home-ownership is results in an overall more positive experience, including many of homeowners who are struggling. 70% of renters voted that home-ownership is better than renting. 63% of renters wish to become a […]

Ken H. Johnson & Beracha: Rent vs. Own Model

Dr. Ken H. Johnson on Homeowner’s Wealth

Dr. Johnson is a well-known scholar (Florida International University) with numerous publications in real estate brokerage, transactional real estate, and real estate investment as well as the editor to the “Journal of Housing Research”. Today we will show his Buy vs. Rent graph on how much rent is actually preferred to over buying. The red line […]

Homeowners Do Save More Than Renters

Many recent studies have shown that homeowners do acquire more wealth than most renters. According to Beracha and Jonhson’s research, Americans renters typically have more wealth than homeowners when saving their disposable income. However, on average, renters do not save more than 5% of their residual income and therefore – lose wealth. Also, even allowing […]

Advantages to Buying a Home

1. Owning A Home Creates More Wealth Than Renting. Though renting may seem to be the cheaper, short-term option, investing in a home is more often than not the more rewarding choice. As mentioned in earlier posts, renting is less expensive than owning a home only when renters re-invest th eir income back into their home […]

Buying a Home: Now Is The Time!

Research studies that focused on whether renting or buying a home is the best choice financially have shown that buying is the best choice. According to two Professors from East Carolina University and Florida International University, they found that renters who ALWAYS reinvest any additional savings from renting are better off. However, the majority of […]


When a comparison study of United States buyers and renters was analyzed, results showed that OWNERS had the most balanced outcome between their home appreciation, interest deductibility, taxes, insurance, interest, and home maintenance costs when REINVESTMENT OF SAVINGS WAS NOT FORCED. In this study, Buyers and Renters were not compelled to use residual income for […]

Mortgage Aid For California Borrowers

“Keep Your Home California” is a state-run program that aims to help homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages.  The program now has broader eligibility guidelines for California homeowners that need mortgage aid. If you own multiple properties or did a “cash-out” refinance, you are now eligible for this California program. “Keep Your Home California” has […]