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How To Stage Your Home For a Successful Sale


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently declared that now is a great time to sell your home. If you are thinking of putting your property on the market, you will want your home to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. One way to better connect with potential buyers is by staging your home.

These five staging techniques are recommended by professionals as excellent ways to make your property really shine and receive the best offers.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Many professional realtors and stylists will advise you to declutter, organize, and keep your personal decorations at a minimum when staging a home.

People who are looking at homes want to imagine themselves living there. That can be harder if they see all of the items which make your home “yours.” It’s better to create a neutral palette onto which they can project their dreams.

If it is emotionally difficult to throw away years-worth of family momentoes, you can hire a professional organizer to assist with sorting, selling and throwing out all of the stuff you may no longer need.

NAR reports that 32% of homes sell for 1% to 5% greater in value when staged and 16% sell for 6% to 10% greater in value. It’s worth hiring someone to get rid of the clutter!

Update Interior Paint Jobs

If you have not been maintaining your home regularly, your walls may show the marks (and fingerprints) of time. Painting the interior is one of the most reliable staging techniques for raising the value of your home.

Some stagers recommend sticking with neutral colors, so potential buyers can imagine their own choices.

However, talk to your realtor. If buyers in your market are interested in certain luxury trends, it may be worthwhile to go for more bold choices.

Remove Personal Touches

The mural you painted twenty years ago for your baby may have great emotional value for your family. However, a prospective buyer may see that nursery as a great office space instead.

Decor that is specific to your home may sway potential buyers, and not necessarily in a positive way. Religious items or personal art collections may influence people who come to your open houses in a way that prevents them from taking the next step to purchase your home.

Put these items in storage or consider selling pieces you no longer use. Removing personal touches will help the potential buyers see the home as a blank slate they can put their own personal touch on for years to come.

Upgrade Certain Key Appliances

If you have not made essential upgrades in the last five years, invest in it now. Buyers will expect kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and oven to be modern and functional.

Many buyers are interested in eco-friendly, energy efficient units which will help them save money and the environment. You are likely to recoup the cost of buying these appliances through the higher sale price of your home.

Fresh Flowers Everywhere

Another effective staging technique is to fill a few vases with fresh flowers. Their lovely appearance and fragrance is a subliminal way to make your home extra inviting and attractive.

Some professionals recommend a bowl of sweet smelling fruit on the dining room table, like oranges or grapefruits.

A batch of cookies baking in the oven can also create a beguiling aroma that will make people want to move in right away!

By taking a few simple steps and spending a few extra dollars, you can significantly increase the asking price of your house. By refreshing your home and removing personal details, you will attract many people interesting in living in this special space.

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