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The Questions To Ask When Touring a House


Almost half of Americans suffer from buyer’s remorse after they buy a home. That means that after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, many people are not happy with their choice.

When you are viewing a house and looking to buy, you need to be careful not to be swept up in the excitement. It’s difficult to not be dazzled by the novelty of the home and the perfectly staged interior.

However, if you want to make sure that you are buying a house with your head and not just your heart, you should make a list of questions to ask when buying a house.

Read on for the best questions to ask a realtor before you make an offer.

When was the House Built?

Shows on HGTV make everyone think it’s easy to flip a house and make big bucks when selling. However, a lot of renovations homeowners do are for aesthetics. New cupboards and backsplash in the kitchen are lovely but if the house is old, there could be hidden problems.

Older homes often don’t meet the current codes for electrical and plumbing as these are often being updated. So you may be looking at pipes that back up, poor insulation in the exterior walls or garage sizes that are much smaller than today’s standard.

The age of the home can give you an idea of what you are getting into.

How Long has it Been on the Market?

This is one of the top questions to ask a realtor because it can give you a good idea of how much bargaining power you have. If it’s only been on the market for a few days, don’t expect to get way below-asking price.

If it has been up for sale for a while, the sellers may be eager to sell. They may be willing to lower their asking price.

Don’t assume there is something wrong with the house because it’s been up for sale for a long time. Sometimes buyers just price too high to begin with.

However, it can also mean the neighborhood is not good or there is something wrong with the house. Ask questions to make sure you get to the bottom of whatever the reason is for the house staying on the market for a while.

What Repairs are Needed?

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a home is what repairs are needed right away. You will want to calculate these costs into your moving expenses if these repairs need to be done immediately.

Sellers are required to let you know issues with the home when you’ve reached an agreement on the price and terms. However, it is great to find out big problems earlier so that you can decide if it worth putting in an offer.


How is the Neighborhood?

Even the ideal home can become a nightmare in the wrong neighborhood. Or you may just not be the right fit for the area.

Ask about the walk score and how close shopping and main roads are from the home. If you have kids you will want to ask about the schools in the area.

Your agent may not be able to tell you if the neighbors are nice, but he or she can tell you what the demographics of the street are. If you’re looking for detailed neighborhood information, or are interested in buying a home in a specific area, try to work with a local realtor. They will have a lot more insight and knowledge about amenities, differences, and perks of nearby neighborhoods.

You can also do some research yourself and find out about the neighborhood online.

Do you Have any Concerns?

This is maybe the most important of all questions to ask a realtor. You may fall in love with the backyard and the large kitchen island and not see anything wrong.

However, your agent is used to seeing houses and he or she knows what to look for. Asking this open-ended question allows your realtor to tell you exactly what the shortfalls are. Chances are it will be things you never thought of!

Questions to Ask When Buying a House

The bottom line is that there’s no such thing as too many questions to ask when buying a house. The more information you have before you sign on the dotted line, the less likely you are to regret your decision.

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