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How To Maximize An Open House Visit


Open houses have been a long standing tradition and there’s no plan on stopping them anytime soon. Every weekend people across the world put out signs and market their open houses while buyers such as yourself visit their homes.

Perhaps you are just curious about the home itself, or maybe you are planning on buying the home. Either way, there is a certain approach you should take when visiting an open house, questions you should ask, and of course etiquette to consider as well.

Finding Open Houses
Finding open houses is the easy part.  Finding open houses you want to actually see is the more complex decision.  If you’re searching on a website – have it be a realtor website, MLM, make sure you use the filters.  The filters will allow you to dwindle down the thousands of open houses, to only the ones you truly are interested in.

Who Can Go To An Open House?
If you’ve never been to an open house you might wonder if just anyone can show up. The simple answer, yes. Anyone can show up to an open house – whether you have high interest in purchasing that specific house or you are simply curious about what it has to offer.

Follow The House Rules
Many of the open houses will have “rules” before entering the home. For example, when the carpet or flooring is new, the agent will typically ask that you remove your shoes or put booties on them so you don’t track in any dirt.

Wait To Critique The Home
There will be times where you visit an open house and spot features you especially don’t like or agree with; certain aspects of the home may differ from what you expected.  If this is the case, wait until after you leave to size up the home as a common courtesy.

Ask Important Questions, Politely
If you have questions for the seller or agent, don’t hesitate to ask, just do so in a polite manner and have some tact.  If you want to know why the house is for sale, consider wording it in a way that asks about the seller’s motivation to move from such a beautiful home. Perhaps you are curious if there are any other offers for the home. Ask away while being respectful with your approach.

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