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Help Nepal Victims by Donating to International Relief Teams!

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International Relief Teams, or IRT, has been around for a long time and helps crisis victims all over the world with food, medication and volunteer doctors. With the recent tragedy in Nepal, International Relief Teams has been one of the biggest responders and they need your help more than ever!

Help for Nepal

There are so many people that have been left homeless by the recent earthquakes in Nepal and IRT has shipped enough medicine and medical supplies to sustain 20,000 people for three months. Mobile medical teams are currently helping in the many devastated rural communities of Nepal and are also providing shelter and hygiene supplies for 1,000 families. IRT is procuring more shelter and hygiene supplies to the newest 1,000 families that have been left homeless due to the powerful second earthquake. All the money that is donated to this fantastic organization goes straight to the cause and not into the CEO’s pockets!

A Brief History of International Relief Teams

Barry La Forgia, a San Diego attorney, went on a mission trip to Peru in the 1980s, where he helped build shelters for impoverished people in the Amazon Jungle. This experience moved Barry so much that he left his law practice and formed Southwest Medical Teams in 1988. The concept was simple: to link people in need with volunteer teams who were skilled in both medical and non medical areas. The name was changed to International Relief Teams in 1996 to adequately reflect the work of this incredible organization. IRT has conducted programs and responded to disasters in more than 60 countries around the globe. More than $89 million in supplies and medicines have been delivered to those in need by IRT! The organization has deployed 405 disaster teams that involved 2,328 volunteers, all of whom have aided victims of disaster worldwide.

International Relief Teams: Changing Lives

IRT has combined short term relief efforts and long-term programs that save and change lives. By restoring hope, IRT is able to rebuild the lives of those affected by tragedies and disasters. Responding appropriately based upon what is most needed during each stage of the disaster is what sets IRT apart from other organizations. They don’t just do this for publicity and praise, they do this to save lives. They stand ready to deploy emergency medical teams and rush life-saving medicines and supplies to afflicted areas. Once that stage is complete, IRT focuses its efforts on maintaining the well-being and health of the survivors with food, medicine and shelters. They also rebuild homes that are destroyed by natural disasters here in the United States.

Donate to International Relief Teams

Linda Daniels has been a proud sponsor of this wonderful organization for over 30 years! If you would like to donate to IRT, please click here and select “Nepal Earthquake Victims” in the drop-down box.

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