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Energy Saving Tips and Improvements For Older Homes


Making energy saving improvements to your older home is vital to reducing your energy costs as well as your power consumption. If you have an older home, chances are your bills are up to five times greater than that of a new home of the same size.

Here are some ideas to improve efficiency:

1)    Insulation- The more insulation, the more savings for your wallet.  Increasing the insulation in your attic and surrounding areas will have a huge effect on your energy bill.

2)    Windows- Replacing your older single pane windows with double pane ones or caulking existing gaps will dramatically increase your home’s resistance to temperatures outside.

3)    Doors- If you have older doors, consider adding weather seals along the top and sides if there is air passing through when it is closed. Also, replacing old key lock systems will help if air is passing through the existing keyhole.

Reducing your energy costs for your older home can be inexpensive and fairly easy.  Using these tips can improve your bills while also contributing to a greener planet.