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Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Energy conservation and water conservation are great ideas for green living.  But we must go beyond that to save energy and clean up the planet.  Below are some ideas for green living:

  1. Reel Lawn Mowers- These eco-friendly lawn mowers are a good alternative to gas-powered mowers.  Reel lawn mowers have no engine.  They involve only some muscle! The use of these mowers promotes clean air and preserves energy.
  2. Cut Down On Lawn Space- Changing how you cut your grass is important but you can also cut back on how much grass you actually have. Less lawn means less mowing, means less water.
  3. Planting Beds- Using planting beds made up of individual plants helps to target the watering, thereby conserving water.  Using drip irrigation also helps to save water by targeting plant roots.
  4. Reducing Chemical Pesticides- Consider using alternatives to chemical pesticides and selecting types of plants that for instance, aren’t attractive to deer, rodents or insects.

Making your yard eco-friendly can be done with a little research and these tips above.  As in other aspects of our lives, we can use ideas for green living that save energy while making the earth a little cleaner place.