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When to Consider Staging Your Home


Staging involves setting up various rooms in your home in a manner that is appealing to potential buyers. Home staging is often viewed as being an unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming step. However, the purpose of home staging is to showcase the best assets in the home so that buyers can be impressed and offer the highest possible price. When your home is staged such that buyers can picture themselves within specific rooms of the house, you can gain significantly more bargaining power.

There are certain situations where staging your home is a great way of attracting sellers and leveraging a great price for the property.

1. Awkwardly Shaped Rooms 

Rooms in the home with awkward shapes or uncharacteristic designs should be staged in order to promote the assets of the room to potential buyers. Some rooms with large open spaces, slanted ceilings or narrow hallways may turn off buyers due to their design. Properly staging these rooms ensures that buyers can visualize how to use these spaces in the best way possible, and it may even act as an asset for them because such unique spaces tend to stand out to guests when they come to visit.

These rooms can be tricky to stage, but with a little creativity and the proper furniture, they can come across as truly attractive.

Pro-Tip: maximizing the space, obtaining customized furniture, and clearly defining the boundaries of the room to ensure success. 

2. When You Need to Sell Quickly

Sellers who are looking to get a buyer in a short amount of time will benefit greatly from staging their home. Staged homes sell 43% faster than homes that are not staged. This is because buyers can more readily visualize themselves within the property when they are looking at various listings, making your property stand out to more potential targets. So if you’re selling your home on a strict timeline, you should start by staging it.

3. If The House Has Tiny Rooms

Every home buyer wants as much space as they can afford when purchasing a property. If your home contains small rooms, it can be an instant turn off to buyers. Staging these small spaces can create an illusion of space for such rooms, and buyers can get a chance to see that proper arrangement can actually enable them to fully utilize the available space.

When staging a small room, make sure to remove all clutter, minimize bulky items that take up a lot of space, and obtain multi-use furniture such as futons or foldable tables when staging.

4.When The Home Is Listed Online

The home buying process has been highly influenced by the use of technology. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 95% of buyers first look online for photos of a home before they actually visit the property or call an agent. Therefore, your online listings should have photos of well-staged rooms.

Staging should be carried out as professionally as possible, with the right furniture, lighting, and decorations. Clutter should also be removed from any photos that are taken for the listing.

5. Hiding Flaws 

As a seller, you may want some flaws with the home to be overlooked by the buyer. Flaws such as poor spacing or unattractive room designs may turn off prospective buyers if the home is not adequately staged.

It is important to emphasize only the positive aspects of the home, rather than the negative. Home staging, therefore, gives sellers an opportunity to disguise certain non-essential flaws in the home.

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