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Switch To Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs And Save More Than Half!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors these days.  That means we should give some thought to the lighting in our homes and consider making them more energy-efficient.  The good news is that there are so many energy-efficient options and a broader range of technologies.  Greener lighting can […]

Linda Daniels

A Chemical-Free Home

Designing a home with building materials that won’t release harmful chemicals is a very important step when considering home building.  It costs about 10%-20% more to build in a non-toxic way but if you are given the choice to be a little healthier, why wouldn’t you take it? Using a mix of sustainable and healthy […]

Linda Daniels

Service Your Air Conditioner Now and Reap The Benefits

Servicing and maintaining your air conditioner now will have long term benefits and keep your system running more efficiently. Here are some tips: -Have your air-conditioner checked by a professional.  During the off seasons, many companies run specials for check-ups. The service check should include cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the coolant level, checking […]

Linda Daniels

Flipping Homes: Is There Money To Still Be Made?

  Flipping homes was big business when the housing market was booming but can you make money these days in a distressed housing market? The answer is yes! Despite the risks of flipping, there has been strong competition for good deals in San Diego County in the last two years. A local San Diego research […]

Linda Daniels

Can Paint Improve Your Mood?

  Want to feel calmer? Paint your bedroom pale blue. If you want to feel energized, choose apricots, cinnamon and tangerine hues.  This according to The Paint Quality Institute.  They say repainting is a great way to not only enhance the appearance of your home, but certain colors can actually have a positive psychological effect. […]

Linda Daniels

Get The Most From Your Remodel

In this market, it is essential to maximize what you spend on any remodels you may do to your home. Here are some tips to help get the most from home improvements: Put your money into essential repairs- A beautiful hot tub is enticing to potential buyers but if you have a leaky roof or […]

Linda Daniels

Green Gardening Trends For 2011

A greener, more productive garden is taking root this year.  Homeowners are growing more vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and are transforming their yards and gardens into green and productive spaces.  Here are a few green gardening trends: Organic and sustainable soils: Healthy plants start with healthy soil. Using eco-friendly soil ensures your plants and […]

Linda Daniels

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Energy conservation and water conservation are great ideas for green living.  But we must go beyond that to save energy and clean up the planet.  Below are some ideas for green living: Reel Lawn Mowers- These eco-friendly lawn mowers are a good alternative to gas-powered mowers.  Reel lawn mowers have no engine.  They involve only […]

Linda Daniels

Net-Zero Housing By 2020?

  Regulators in California want new homes to be so energy-efficient that they consume no energy at all by the year 2020.  The theory is that these new homes would be solar equipped and so energy-efficient that they would actually pump power back into the electricity grid. Under the Global Warming Solutions Act, these net-zero […]

Linda Daniels

Green Living In A Condo

  For those who live in urban areas and own a condo, there usually isn’t a need for a car.  You can bike or walk to work which saves on gas and cuts down on pollution.  But there are several additional steps you can take at home to make your impact on the environment even […]

Linda Daniels