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Advantages to Buying a Home

1. Owning A Home Creates More Wealth Than Renting. Though renting may seem to be the cheaper, short-term option, investing in a home is more often than not the more rewarding choice. As mentioned in earlier posts, renting is less expensive than owning a home only when renters re-invest th eir income back into their home […]

Linda Daniels

How To Tell How Your Agent Will Market Your Home

In today’s market, you must market your home in such a way as to stand out among your competition and to sell faster. When hiring an agent, you must make sure they will market your home in the best possible way. But how do you know how the agent will list your home? First, check […]

Linda Daniels

Lock-boxes: Out With The Old, In With The New

When agents and brokers are faced with the option to choose a lock-box, it really makes a difference with which type they go with. While older lock-box systems may be more affordable and possibly easier to use than the newer versions, there is definitely a compromise in its’ results. In 2011, research results showed that the […]

Linda Daniels

Why You May Want To Rethink Selling Your Own Home

In order to be a reliable professional within the real estate industry one must have acquired a lot of experience, education, and resources. Having these qualities as a professional continues to increasingly be demanded across the board, especially within the last twenty years. It is pertinent to have a real estate expert in today’s market […]

Linda Daniels

Homeowners: Make your January Mortgage Payment Now

You can help your tax situation by making your January payment a little early.  Borrowers that itemize their deductions can shift their interest deduction from next year to this year by doing this one simple thing.  The tax break works especially well if you expect to be in a lower tax bracket or expect the […]

Linda Daniels

Know The Facts When Buying A Foreclosure

“Get Rich By Buying Cheap Foreclosures!” That is an all too familiar phrase we hear these days but is it really true? The answer is yes, but buying foreclosures requires a certain level of knowledge and diligence beyond what a lot of homebuyers realize. The biggest risk in buying a home in foreclosure is that […]

Linda Daniels

Using Real Estate As A Barrier To Inflation

From November of 2010 to November 2011, inflation has gradually risen in the following important categories: Groceries: up 6.2% House utilities & fuels: up 3.5% Transportation: up 9.2% As you can see from these increases, inflation is slowly creeping upwards.  The issue of real estate and how it is affected by inflation is very interesting. […]

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When a comparison study of United States buyers and renters was analyzed, results showed that OWNERS had the most balanced outcome between their home appreciation, interest deductibility, taxes, insurance, interest, and home maintenance costs when REINVESTMENT OF SAVINGS WAS NOT FORCED. In this study, Buyers and Renters were not compelled to use residual income for […]

Linda Daniels

Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Selling Your Home

When buying and selling a home in La Jolla, sometimes you can get an unwelcome surprise right smack in the middle of an escrow.  Everything is going smoothly until the home appraisal.  Often times home appraisals in La Jolla can come in lower than the sale price and can throw a wrench into an escrow. […]

Linda Daniels

Buying A Home Today Does Make Financial Sense

Who Knew? Purchasing a Home Today Actually COSTS LESS! Residential selling prices may be the same today as they were in the first quarter of 2003 (according to the recent S&P Case Shiller Price Index), but if you look at the difference in the mortgage rates between these years, you will see how it actually […]

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