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Increase Your Net Worth… As a Homeowner

Did you know you can increase your net worth by being homeowner? If you’re renting, but have been thinking about buying, you might want to explore your options and consider taking the leap into homeownership. Consider the True Cost of Renting Unless you’re able to live somewhere rent free, the truth is you’re paying a mortgage either […]

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Millennials: Don’t Let Mid-range Fico Scores Prevent You From Buying a Home

Millennials are in tough place these days when it comes to taking that next step toward ‘adult responsibilities.’ The job market is ultra-competitive, and wages seem less and less to be keeping up with the cost of living in desirable regions such as Southern California, which can easily result in a certain amount of debt […]

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3 Reasons NOT to Wait Until Winter to Buy a Home

With home prices continuing to increase it’s hard not to ponder that gnawing question…”should I buy now?” If you’re in a position to buy a new home and wondering if you should wait until winter to purchase, experts are saying that waiting those few extra months could end up costing you. It’s easy to get caught […]

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Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Home?

Deciding whether or not NOW is a good time to sell your home is a tough one. We understand this dilemma. As real estate experts it’s our job to guide our clients in the right direction when it comes to real estate decisions, and we know they’re not easy decisions regardless of what looks like […]

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Home Price Peaks Increase All Over the Country

We like to keep our readers informed on the recent real estate market trends. While we know you can get this info from other trusted resources, that we also rely on, we like to offer our internal perspective on these updates to break it down and give you more insight. With that in mind, we’re […]

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Waiting Until 2016 to Buy a Home? Some Facts to Consider

Despite the labeling of it being a seller’s climate in the current real estate market, there’s an upward trend with first-time home buyers looking to purchase their first single family home or condominium, more so than in previous years. Much of the current housing market for first-time buyers is comprised of the millennial generation, who […]

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CIRE Luxury Real Estate Award 2015

Linda Daniels Honored with Christie’s International Luxury Specialist Award

The Daniels Group is excited to announce that our founder and leader was recently awarded the elite distinction of “Christie’s International Real Estate (CIRE) Luxury Specialist.” Linda Daniels, as an associate of Willis Allen Real Estate, was among only three Willis Allen agents to earn this esteemed award. Recipients of these awards were honored at the […]

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John Paulson billionaire offers real estate advice

Billionaire Advice: Real Estate is Best Investment Possible!

John Paulson is a billionaire hedge fund leader and investment genius, so when he speaks, people listen. He is the president and portfolio manager of the hugely successful Paulson & Co. Paulson, was interviewed at the 2014 Delivering Alpha Conference and had a lot to say about why real estate and owning a home is still […]

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The Best Way to Build Wealth? Own a Home Says ‘The New York Times’

Recently, The New York Times published an interesting editorial about homeownership and building wealth. Homeownership and Wealth Creation delves into the real estate housing market and how people who own a home have a significantly higher average net worth than those who rent. Because the housing market was in decline in recent years, renting has […]

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Optimistic Forecast for San Diego at the Real Estate Mastery Event!

The future is bright for San Diego and its real estate market! Craig Sewing, the host of The Real Estate Mastery Event, brought together top producers to the San Diego Convention Center on October 14th, 2014, for this exciting event, now in its third year. The overall message was one of positive growth and the event […]

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