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3 Real Estate Trends of 2019 to Keep an Eye out For

Leading up to the 2008 recession, home sales dropped, bottoming out at just 4.12 million sales in 2008. But recent years have seen a steady rise, with more than 5 million homes sold this year. The growing number of sales has spurred changes in the real estate industry, including plenty of new real estate trends. From utilizing […]

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California Real Estate Market News: A Quick Roundup

The conventional wisdom is that the housing market is cooling off, but that’s not true. The Southern California real estate market is still hot! Demand is strong and home prices are on the rise in Southern California. In fact, the median sales price increased by 7 percent from the year prior. The median home value is $535,000 […]

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Home Sales Are Down–Here’s What You Should Know

According to The National Association of Realtors, the housing market is slowing down in 2018. August marks the fifth month in a row that the Pending Homes sales index of the NAR showed a trend of declining home sales on a yearly basis. But, what’s causing this decline? In this article, we’ll discuss a couple […]

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Summer Real Estate Trends

Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up with the changing landscape of real estate? Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, you’re not alone in that feeling! The real estate market is both cyclical and seasonal and paying attention to the trends is important for success. Read on to learn 6 trends happening this summer […]

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The Latest Luxury Home Trends

Luxury real estate often includes many lavish features that make the properties desirable for high-end buyers. Each year, trends change and luxury home buyers seek new features when searching for their next investment. With all the new trends out there it can be hard to keep up with the desires of today’s buyers. We gathered the […]

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Will the Luxury Housing Market in San Diego Benefit From the Tax Bill?

  Right before Christmas, President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress passed a major overhaul of the nation’s tax code. Many real estate investors were concerned about changes to mortgage interest and property tax deductions and how this would impact the market for luxury homes. However, the Tax Cuts and Job Act have not slowed down […]

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2016 recap

2016 La Jolla Real Estate Recap

  Another year has come and gone, and with it, we’ve seen the average home price in La Jolla increase to $1,741,400 according to Zillow. That means the average price per square foot in La Jolla alone is $790, which is significantly higher than the city of San Diego’s average of $405. This marks a 7.8% […]

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House graphic with green percent sign

San Diego Home Prices are Up 6.4% Over Last Year

Overall, home prices are up in San Diego. The current 6.4 percent increase accounts for median home prices within the area over the last 12 months. Although a bit lower from this past December and January, the market is growing at healthy rate. The reason for the slight dip is due to low entry- to […]

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Graphic depicting housing market direction with roadways and street signs

The Direction of the Housing Market for 2016

Ever since the housing bubble burst in 2008, the real estate market continues to have economists and leading experts monitoring every aspect of the industry. If you’re in this game, too, and want to know where the real estate market is headed for the rest of 2016, you’re in luck. The real estate market may […]

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Graphic illustrating increased real estate sales

San Diego Home Prices Hit a High Due to Low Inventory

If you’re currently looking for a home in the San Diego area, you may be surprised to find that there isn’t that much inventory out there right now. The good news is that if you plan on selling your home, chances are you will have several offers within a few days. The real estate market […]

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