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Real Estate & Millennials: The Next Generation of Homebuyers

Ah, the millennial generation—a generation caught in the crosshairs of growing up during the Great Recession and having too few job opportunities upon graduation. It’s been almost a decade since, but millennials are finally standing upright and are now situated on stable career paths. Furthermore, the time of struggle — that felt like a century […]

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How to Create a Competitive Advantage Selling Your Home

Alas, you’ve decided to put your home on the market. However, you’re just now reviewing the competition. Regardless if you’re competing for price or trying to stand out in a sea of similar homes, there are things you can do to give yourself a competitive advantage. Tour with Your Agent Ask your agent if you […]

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mission beach home

5 Spectacular Oceanfront Homes in San Diego

When it comes to living the dream, it’s hard to beat owning a home with a view. Waking up every morning to a wonderful waterfront dwelling will make you want to pinch yourself. Not to mention, there is nothing more relaxing than sipping a glass of chardonnay watching the sunset every evening. So if you’re […]

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Better Investment: Home or Condo?

You’ve been saving for a while, and now it’s time to jump into home ownership. While you may have been dreaming of a white picket fence, reality sets in as you start to weigh the pros and cons of owning a home versus a condo. As you want to make a smart investment, these considerations […]

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Easy Ways to Up Your Home’s Potential Value

For most people, the family home is the largest investment one can make. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure it maintains value. Better yet, you most likely want to increase profitability. The thought of someday cashing in and selling your home to make a profit is very enticing for would-be retirees. However, before you downsize, you […]

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5 Unique Features You May Not Know About La Jolla

La Jolla, known as the California Jewel and a former resort and art colony, draws newcomers every year. While technically part of San Diego, La Jolla is one of the most sought after real estate in Southern California. Perfect sunny 70 degree days attract visitors and home buyers alike.  La Jolla has a rich historic […]

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10 Must-Do’s When Hosting an Open House

Selling a home isn’t easy. In fact, several factors may contribute to how long your home stays on the market before getting an offer. Market conditions, competition, and even pricing may contribute to longer periods with little interest. However, speak with your agent about hosting an open house. An open house is a great way […]

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How Great Curb Appeal Can Help You Sell Your Home in San Diego

Most real estate experts agree, when you want to sell your home, get a home makeover. First impressions count, and here in San Diego potential home buyers look for homes that maximize outdoor space. Setting a budget to ensure a good return on investment is the hard part. According to Quicken Loans, spending as little […]

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Staycation Vacation! La Jolla is the Ultimate Staycation

Residents living in and around La Jolla, California already recognize what the region has to offer. In fact, with so many things to see and do, many residents are finding it more appropriate to either purchase an upgraded home or update their current residency and stay put. From golf and popular beaches to cultural events, […]

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Should You Buy or Rent in Retirement?

Your nest is now empty, and retirement is right around the corner. You’ve got plans. Perhaps plans to travel, garden, or even write. Whatever your plan, you now seem to have plenty of room. You may even think about downsizing to a new home. If that scenario has crossed your mind, you probably wonder about […]

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