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Should I Buy A Historic Property?

Owning a bit of history is exciting! Knowing your residence is a part of America’s past is always a conversation starter. Let’s face it, older neighborhoods with mature tree-lined streets and stately homesteads are head turners. If you have ever thought about purchasing one of these American beauties, you should consider a few things first. […]

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When And Why To Consider Renting Out Your La Jolla Home

If you’re living in La Jolla and have a single family home, you probably already know what a hot asset you have. Chances are you’ve already seen your neighbor’s home sell as fast it went on the market. However, if you’re having second thoughts about selling your home, you may want to think about renting […]

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relaty myths

Top Myths In Real Estate

Looking to buy or sell real estate?  If so, you should be forewarned about unsolicited real estate advice from others. This scenario seems to be the norm, especially for first time home buyers or homeowners looking to sell. However, one must take caution and know that every market is different. Not to mention, only a […]

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5 Steps To Prep For Relocation

Whether you’re moving into your dream home, downsizing or packing up for your next job transfer, moves can be stressful. You may feel a little overwhelmed with not knowing where to start first. Here is a five-step plan to help you organize: Obtain Three Quotes Regardless of whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or […]

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Local Spotlight: La Jolla Shores Beach

If you have been dreaming about what it’s like to live all year long with perfect weather near the sea, then you must have heard about La Jolla Shores. With over a mile-long family friendly beach, residents and visitors alike can come play, eat and relax, as the gentle sound of waves crash along the […]

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What to Expect Owning a Home in La Jolla

Seven miles of exquisite coastline, beach coves and beautiful sunsets over the Pacific are reason enough to make anyone move to the La Jolla area. However, there are other advantages to living here too. Many people come for the weather and great art scene, but the following interesting facts are just as important to consider […]

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Homeowners Insurance 101: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to purchase your first home or just need to evaluate your current homeowners policy, there are a few things you should know. Not all homeowners insurance policies are equal — depending upon your needs, you may have too much or not enough coverage. Take a look at the following information and review what you […]

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New Businesses to Welcome to La Jolla

  La Jolla, California offers an array of things to do for residents. Whether you like to shop, taste new cuisine, or experience the culture surrounding the area, La Jolla is a great place to reside. If you have been wondering what’s new, you should take a look at these new businesses located right here […]

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Common Real Estate Terms and What They Mean

If you’re buying a home and find yourself wanting a special dictionary explaining real estate jargon and acronyms, you’re not alone. Many home buyers tend to feel a little frustrated throughout the home buying process. The majority of home buyers and sellers rely on a professional licensed real estate agent to help guide them through […]

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3 Scenarios That Favor Buying a “Fixer-Upper”

You’ve been dreaming about your perfect home for years. Picking paint colors and pinning floor plans have occupied hours of your idle time. Although you’re still giddy as you come closer to homeownership, your excitement is starting wear down as you discover your prequalified loan amount.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many potential home buyers […]

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