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For Sale: Beautiful Mediterranean Villa In La Jolla

This 5 bedroom Grande Mediterranean villa in La Jolla is located on a third of an acre with incredible ocean views!  Enter into the 2 story foyer with gorgeous brass chandelier and a sweeping staircase.  The living spaces are upstairs so you can take advantage of the fabulous La Jolla views! The luxurious Master suite […]

Linda Daniels

Homeowners Do Save More Than Renters

Many recent studies have shown that homeowners do acquire more wealth than most renters. According to Beracha and Jonhson’s research, Americans renters typically have more wealth than homeowners when saving their disposable income. However, on average, renters do not save more than 5% of their residual income and therefore – lose wealth. Also, even allowing […]

Linda Daniels

Read The Facts: Many People Are Selling Their Homes & The Majority Can Qualify For a Mortgage

Most of us think that no one is making a sale on a house and also that no one can get a mortgage. However, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has just recently released their Existing Homes Sales Report on December 21, 2011 and they state that over 12,000 homes are selling in the United States […]

Linda Daniels

John R. Talbott’s Prediction: “It is now time to buy a home”

Today we will highlight the real estate advice of bestselling author and economic consultant, John R. Talbott.  Having made many publications providing predictions and analysis of the housing market, Talbott is a reliable source. He accurately warned America that a “real estate bubble” was forming when prices severely increased in 2003 in his book,  The Coming […]

Linda Daniels

Advantages to Buying a Home

1. Owning A Home Creates More Wealth Than Renting. Though renting may seem to be the cheaper, short-term option, investing in a home is more often than not the more rewarding choice. As mentioned in earlier posts, renting is less expensive than owning a home only when renters re-invest th eir income back into their home […]

Linda Daniels

Buying a Home: Now Is The Time!

Research studies that focused on whether renting or buying a home is the best choice financially have shown that buying is the best choice. According to two Professors from East Carolina University and Florida International University, they found that renters who ALWAYS reinvest any additional savings from renting are better off. However, the majority of […]

Linda Daniels

How To Tell How Your Agent Will Market Your Home

In today’s market, you must market your home in such a way as to stand out among your competition and to sell faster. When hiring an agent, you must make sure they will market your home in the best possible way. But how do you know how the agent will list your home? First, check […]

Linda Daniels

Why You May Want To Rethink Selling Your Own Home

In order to be a reliable professional within the real estate industry one must have acquired a lot of experience, education, and resources. Having these qualities as a professional continues to increasingly be demanded across the board, especially within the last twenty years. It is pertinent to have a real estate expert in today’s market […]

Linda Daniels

Timeless La Jolla Village Condo

Location location location! This cozy condo lies in the heart of the Village in La Jolla. Walk to world-class restaurants, fantastic shopping and gorgeous beaches in beautiful downtown La Jolla. This La Jolla complex has been recently remodeled. Enjoy 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in this La Jolla corner unit located on the third floor.  […]

Linda Daniels

Open House Weekend

This weekend, June 4-5, marks the nationwide open house weekend. This is a great excuse to get out and tour some of the homes in your area and gain insights from your local realtors. During the weekend of June 4-5, Realtors® will hold open houses in local neighborhoods throughout the country, as well as across […]

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