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Buying or Selling a Home? Here’s Why You Should Use an Experienced Real Estate Agent

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Clients oftentimes ask me, “Why should we hire a real estate agent? Can’t we just sell the home ourselves?” With so much information readily available online about homes for sale, is there a need for a real estate professional when buying or selling your home? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider hiring a qualified real estate agent:

#1: The Guide

The nice thing about hiring an experienced real estate agent is that you do not need to know everything about buying and selling a home if they already do! No matter if this is your first home you are buying or the tenth property you are selling, there are over 230 actions that possibly need to take place during each and every successful real estate deal. Why not hire someone to oversee each of these steps? This frees up more of your precious time. The key to this process is to find the right person for you and your needs. Having someone guide you through the complicated process of purchasing and selling a home is one of the top benefits of hiring a realtor.

#2: The Novice

The condition of the real estate market in your area will dictate the selling and buying process for you. Real estate agents have the knowledge and understanding of your neighborhood and can help you see a potential hidden gem or make you aware of potential risks before you make an offer on a home. The Daniels Group can help you identify comparables, the best school districts, crime statistics and demographics in La Jolla and the surrounding areas. We also know criteria such as the average price per square foot of homes that you are interested in, the median and average sales price of homes, the average days on the market and the ratios of list-to-sold prices. Having someone who knows the neighborhoods you are looking in is invaluable.

#3:  The Buffer

Real estate agents can help immensely with weeding out the “spam” when selling or buying a home. Your agent can be the barrier between those annoying knocks on the door at dinner time and the lookie loos that just want to see inside your house. Your agent can also help filter all the phone calls you would receive about your home. An experienced realtor can deal with scheduling showings, holding open houses and everything else.

#4: The Negotiator

Having a talented negotiator in your corner when buying or selling your home can save you thousands of dollars. Experienced real estate agents are not emotionally tied to the transaction and therefore are skilled at the art of getting the best deal and seeing it for what it is. You want someone who will keep the deal from falling apart and get it closed. Realtors are not simply someone who delivers a buyer’s offer to the seller and vice-versa. Agents are trained to represent their client in the best possibly light, negotiate and renegotiate if needed, keep client information confidential from the competition and get them the best deal possible for you.

#5: The Networker

Professional real estate agents have a working relationship with other professionals, including mortgage professionals, title and escrow companies, home inspectors and appraisers. Real estate agents know which vendors have good reputations, which ones have competitive pricing and which ones are the most efficient. Many agents will not recommend a specific company or professional, but instead might offer you several choices to choose from so that you can make an informed and wise decision.

#6: The Closer

Even the best deals can sometimes have things that come back to haunt you. After the deal is closed, potential property tax assessments, doc stamps or transfer taxes can arise. In all the excitement of closing, sometimes questions are not asked or invoices get mixed up. One call to your real estate agent can straighten out most situations and a good agent is one that is standing by the help, even after you have settled into your dream home. Referrals are a huge part of real estate and an experienced agent will make certain that a client is happy and satisfied so that you will work with them again on future transactions.

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