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Should You Buy a House Without Seeing it First?


Viewing a property before buying it is an automatic step for most home buyers. They want to see it, feel it, touch it, and know that it’s there. In fact, the thought of purchasing a property without actually seeing it first is a scary thought for most people.

However, 20% of homeowners buy their homes without seeing it first. There are several reasons as to why homeowners can make such a decision, and there are steps that can be followed to make this process work.

Home buyers relocating to a new area that is far off (such as in a different country) may opt to purchase a property without traveling to see it. In such circumstances, buyers must rely on trusted agents, carry out an appraisal and inspection, and send out a trusted representative if possible.

Another good strategy is to include a contingency clause in your contract. If you find the home in a different condition from what you expected, you can render the contract null and void.

Buyers looking for a home in highly competitive markets may commit towards making a purchase without first seeing the property. There are many tools that can give the buyer a good feel for the home, such as multiple listing service (MLS) descriptions, photos, virtual tours and staged rooms.

Buyers can use this information in order to secure great deals by acting quickly and committing to the purchase.

Investment homes
Most people buying-homes for investment-purposes don’t necessarily need to see the property. They may decide to do this in order to save on time, costs and to avoid emotional attachment to a particular property. Thinking emotionally, rather than objectively, can lead to poor-investment decisions. Investment buyers should also focus on building a steady income stream, rather than spending time just looking at the property.

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