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Architectural Home Styles in La Jolla

Street in La Jolla CA

As you look around La Jolla, there’s no shortage of beautiful homes to admire. If you’re in the market to buy a house, take a look at these La Jolla home styles to get an idea of the architecture that is displayed in the area.

Split Level Homes

Originally developed to build a house on a slope, the split-level home became a popular style in the years following World War II. Split level homes can be easily characterized by the appearance of a garage that sits lower than the house, with stairs leading up the front door on the main level. The architecture of these homes has the main level of the house staggered between the upper and lower floor levels, diving up public spaces from personal rooms. This can make entertaining easier, and allows for homes to be built on smaller lots. You can spot these house style most prevalently in the Mount Soledad neighborhood of La Jolla

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes boomed in popularity among the post-war middle class into the 1950’s and 60’s. As the suburbs were being built out, there was no observed need to conserve space, as demonstrated by the homes being built out, rather than up.   Noted for the lengthy building style and minimal decoration on the exterior of the house, this style was born out of functionality. A popular choice, as ranch style homes are all one story, and usually contain no stairs.

Postmodern Style Homes

The postmodern style is a broad category, where unique lines and styles help these homes stand out among neighboring houses. Abstract details are used when adorning postmodern houses, as well as large glass windows for natural light. These large windows provide for amazing views, especially in La Jolla. Moving away from organic shapes, the juxtaposition of bold and unusual shapes and fixtures set these houses apart from the rest, as well as each other. There’s no shortage of industrial materials built into these houses, like unusual uses and placement of metal sheeting and wood paneling.

Spanish Style Homes

Also known as the Spanish Revival style, heavy ornamentation is a classic trait of these homes. Made with stucco exterior to keep the interior cool in hot climates like the southwest, these homes are perfect for sunny Southern California. Classic traits of these homes include repeated archways, patterned tile floors, and wrought iron details. These homes were originally built for entertaining, with large gathering rooms to accommodate large amounts of guests.


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