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Apps That Simplify The Home Hunting Process


Planning to buy a home? Looking to simplify the process? Let’s be honest: house hunting isn’t always easy. In fact, research indicates that buying a home can be more stressful than losing a job or planning a wedding.

So, what’s the best way to make sure we’re doing everything we can to find our dream home and stay on top of a competitive market?

Well, there’s an app for that!

Thanks to technology, gone are the days of checking the local classifieds for listings or driving around neighborhoods in search of “for sale” signs. We’ve narrowed down the five essential apps for buyers looking to simplify the home hunting process.

U.S. Mortgage Calculator

Why begin your search without first knowing what you can afford? While one house may appear to be the perfect fit, the numbers may speak otherwise.

Likely the most useful app relating to your prospective mortgage, The U.S. Mortgage Calculator will be your new best friend when it comes time to number crunch.

First, it requests users to enter the purchase price of their desired home. Then it provides calculations on monthly payments, property taxes, HOA fees, and so on. The app presents a simple, yet detailed analysis of a property’s cost given your personal finances.


Trulia allows users to filter through listings, view interactive tours, and browse the home’s complete list of photos.

What differentiates it from any other app?

It also allows the user to search properties through specific keywords. For example, a family looking for a fixer-upper is able to input these keywords into the search and view only listings matching this requirement.

Trulia also offers an affordability feature that breaks down the costs affiliated with the property.


Homesnap is the essential app for house hunters wanting property details in a snap.

This app enables users to simply snap a photo of a prospective home and, within seconds, receive the information they need. It also features a messaging system, allowing the house hunter and the realtor to chat.

Handy for both realtors and house hunters alike, Homesnap facilitates communication and saves you time.

This app is an essential tool for anyone searching for a home, especially those living far from the desired area. pulls listings directly from MLS and allows the user to receive instant alerts based on customizable search criteria. It also lists details of the property, such as neighborhood info, school zones, sales history, costs of ownership, and other points of interest. lists more homes for sale than any other real estate app, it definitely makes our list!

Doorsteps Swipe

Think of the Doorsteps app as the Tinder of real estate. Now that we have your attention, what makes this app different?

Doorsteps allows the user to simply “swipe” through photos of different properties that match his criteria. You know the drill: swipe right if you love it, swipe left if you could live without it.

The home hunting process isn’t always lighthearted, so why not add a little fun?

Time to Start Home Hunting

Forget the old-fashion way. Thanks to the advances in technology, these apps simplify the process and ensure you find the home of your dreams.

Happy house hunting!

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