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Apps for the real estate professional

These days there seem to be more apps than stars in the sky with new ones launching everyday. One of my goals this year is to try out new apps to see which ones could truly make a real estate professional’s life easier. Today, and in future articles, I will review some of the apps I have been made aware of and checked out.

The first one I have looked into is 360 Panorama. We know the importance of having great photos of your listings. The 360 Panorama app may not take the place of professional photography but it could come in handy on the fly.

360 Panorama app, for iPhone 3GS and iPhone4, allows you to very easily and quickly capture a 360 panoramic view. I downloaded the app for $1.99. It is easy to use. Once you have your photo, you can save it to your camera roll, share via email or upload and share via Twitter.

The only part I found a little tricky was the sharing via email. If you want to share via email, you have the option of sending as a Flat image (recommended if you’re not sure if the recipient has the app or iOS). If you send using the “360 View” and the recipient doesn’t have the app or iOS, they won’t be able to view the file.

Overall, I think this is a nice and easy to use app. I can definitely see using it when I need a photo on the fly and I have a great panoramic view that should be captured and shared.