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Call or Text Linda: (858) 361-5561


A Chemical-Free Home

Designing a home with building materials that won’t release harmful chemicals is a very important step when considering home building.  It costs about 10%-20% more to build in a non-toxic way but if you are given the choice to be a little healthier, why wouldn’t you take it?

Using a mix of sustainable and healthy products such as formaldehyde-free fabrics and bamboo flooring is more eco-friendly and certainly healthier for you and your family. You can use green materials like Timber and use sealants that are do not have a polyurethane base.  American Clay is a great eco-friendly alternative to use as an interior finish.  It is resistant to mold and contains no VOCs. The bonus to using this green material is its suede-like texture that adds depth to the interiors.

Once healthful building becomes more and more popular, residential healthful building will follow.  And we can all enjoy a cleaner, healthier world.