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7 Hot Design Trends for Homeowners


While design experts can predict trends, the ones who actually make the trends happen are the homeowners. What are the hottest trends for your home this year? Read on for all the info!

1. Gray and Black Everything

Gray became the new neutral last year and now the theme is going beyond simply carpets and paint. Adding grays and blacks in unexpected places like hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets is the thing to do. Combine these colors with matte finishes and you’ve got yourself a hot trend. 74 percent of homeowners admit to being fans of black rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens (with crisp white fixtures of course). We are even seeing homeowners paint the outside of their homes black as a way to make an older home more modern.

2. Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed wood is definitely a top design trend for homeowners this year. People love the look of salvaged wood and are skipping the paint to showcase the wood’s natural beauty. Butcher block was the third most popular choice for counters, while hardwood was the most popular flooring choice. Carpentry with natural edges for both furniture and countertops is also big this year.


3. Metal Backsplashes

Although tile is still the most popular backsplash, homeowners are increasingly selecting metal tiles and other sheet materials like stone slab, glass and stainless steel. These mediums have a super sleek look and are easy to clean.


4. Smarter Homes

Options to make your home a smarter home were limited in the past to single systems that ran through the whole house. Today’s homeowners are using their smartphones to control different systems throughout their homes. You can control locks, appliances, and much more. These smaller systems are easier to upgrade and replace.

5. No More Lawn

Homeowners these days are becoming more and more eco-conscious and earth-friendly. Native ground cover plants are a hot design trend this year, along with landscaped green spaces. Synthetic lawns have become increasingly popular as people opt out of water-dependent areas of grass.

6. “Green Building Materials”

Last year continued the trend in green and sustainable building and remodeling. This year is no different. Homeowners are looking for green options to conserve, but also to create a healthy environment for their families. New products have been introduced that help improve the conditions of the inside of a home. For example, CertainTeed’s new drywall AirRenew Essential actually pulls volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde out of the air and neutralizes them.

7. Designing for Living, Not for Selling

There has been a difference in the way homeowners have approached home design recently. People are getting back to designing their homes to suit their lifestyle, not for re-sale. Many homeowners have decided they are better off making changes and upgrades for their families, instead of worrying about the resale appeal of the property. Rather than having an entire home decorated and painted in all beige, a hot new trend is to add more interesting colors, textures and design elements to reflect your own taste and aesthetic.

An interesting thing to note is that one of the biggest predicted home design trends last year was the color emerald green. The color was supposed to be the “it” color and was selected in a secret meeting attended by design representatives from around the globe. But, emerald didn’t go anywhere. The color that did catch on? Navy. It just goes to show, that homeowners, not design experts and industry professionals, have the final say as to what is truly hot in home design!

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